Some Useful Phrases


It’s always important to remember your pleases and thank yous.

  • Eskoussit vi  Excuse me (fml)
  • Eskous vi  Excuse me (inf)
  • Is druk geniv (amm…)  I’m sorry (for…)
  • Os ach bodh  Please (fml)
  • Os de vodh  Please (inf)
  • Joluch (en voar)  Thank you (very much)
  • Hep breder  No problem

Note: the word de your is usually pronounced as if it were written je.

Good Wishes

  • Radow warnach!  Congratulations! (fml)
  • Radow warnat!  Congratulations! (inf)
  • Happ warnach!  Good luck! (fml)
  • Happ warnat!  Good luck! (inf)
  • Yechit da!  Cheers!
  • E bei/boch yach moch  Get well soon (inf/fml)

A useful phrase to wish someone well is Gwinn de vit (inf) or Gwinn ach bit (fml), which literally means white your world. These are shortened forms of the two more formal phrases E bo gwinn de vit / ach bit  May you be blessed and Is gwinn de vit / ach bit  You are blessedBoth variants can be used to mean ‘congratulations’, particularly on major occasions such as marriage or the birth of a child. The first can also mean ‘good luck’ and also ‘farewell’.


  • Nodlik Lawen  Merry Christmas
  • Bloodhin Newidh Dha  Happy New Year
  • Pask Lawen  Happy Easter
  • Penbloodh Lawen  Happy Birthday