Like the rest of Britain, Cumbry (the territory of the Cumbrians) is historically Christian, but is today multi-cultural and largely secular.

Cumbrian Christianity

Christianity was established in Cumbry by the Romans and continues to be practised till today. The early church was a particularly British institution, which continued in Wales and Cornwall for some time, but was influenced in the north by the Irish church and later by Roman Catholicism introduced by the Angles.

Cumbrian Saints

The patron saint of the region is Cundiarn Sant St Kentigern, known affectionately as Munku, who was the first bishop of Glasgow (Glaskow). Other saints important in the area include:

  • Padrik Sant  St Patrick, who was born in the region
  • Gwinnyaw Sant  St Ninian or Finnian, an early bishop of Whithorn (Gwinndy Merthin)
  • Tano Sant St Thaney, the mother of Kentigern
  • Santan Sant  St Sanctan, a Cumbrian prince, the son of Sawool Pennouchel, later bishop of Mann.
  • Colomm Sant  St Columba or Columcille, Gaelic bishop of Iona who was influential in Strathclyde
  • Cubrit Sant  St Cuthbert, an Anglian saint who was was influential in the south of the region
  • Oswalht Sant  St Oswald, Northumbrian king
  • Hebrit Sant  St Herbert, a minor Anglian saint and hermit who lived on Derwentwater
  • Be Sant  St Bega, an Irish princess with connections to Cumbry.

Christian Terminology

  • Yessou Crist  Jesus Christ
  • Cristyon  Christian
  • Cristyondot  Christianity
  • Er Bibil  The Bible
  • Egloos  Church
  • Er Pap  The Pope
  • Archeskop  Archbishop
  • Eskop  Bishop
  • Prevder  Priest
  • Abaddy  Abbey
  • Manach  Monk
  • Leyan  Nun
  • Angel  Angel
  • Nev  Heaven
  • Ifarn  Hell
  • Jawl  Devil 

Other Religions

Major Religions

  • Islam  Islam
    • Muslim (-yon)  Muslim(s)
  • Yidheweth  Judaism
    • Yidhew (-on)  Jew(s)
  • Hinduëth  Hinduism 
    • Hindu (-yon)  Hindu(s)
  • Booddeth  Buddhism 
    • Booddidh (-on)  Buddhist(s)
  • Daoëth  Taoism
    • Daoïdh (-on)  Taoist(s)
  • Shinto  Shinto
    • Shintoïdh (-on)  Shintoist(s)
  • Sikidh  Sikhism
    • Sik (Sikyon)  Sikh(s)
  • Ednigeth  Paganism
    • Ednik (-yon)  Pagan(s)

Useful Words

  • Duw  God
  • Duwes  Goddess
  • Timpil  Temple
  • Gwedhy  Prayer
  • Gool  Festival
  • Aberth  Sacrifice
  • Goboolleth  Meditation
  • Fidh  Faith