Kings and Queens: Strathclyde

Riow Al-Clout  Kings of Alclud

The actual king-list of Alclud is unknown as reigning monarchs only occur sporadically in the historical texts. The following are taken from the Harleian Genealogy of Rhun ab Artgal.

  • Cerdik Gwledik  Ceritic Guletic
  • Cunoot  Cinuit
  • Duwnwal Hen  Dumngual Hen
    • Gwidhno  Guipno
      • Neython  Neithon
    • Cludno   Clinoch
      • Redherch Hael  Rhydderch Hael
  • Bely  Beli
  • Ewen  Eugein
  • Elffin  Elfin
  • Bely  Beli
  • Toudir  Teudebur
  • Duwnwal  Dumnagual
  • Ewen  Eugein
  • Redherch  Riderch
  • Duwnwal  Dumnagual 
  • Arthal  Artgal
  • Roun  Run

Riow Strat Clout  Kings of Strathclyde

Based on the genealogy given in Clarkson, T. (2014) Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age (Edinburgh) p. xi.

  • Roun map Arthal  Rhun 
  • Duwnwal I map Roun  Dyfnwal I
  • Ewen I map Duwnwal  Owain I
  • Duwnwal II map Ewen  Dyfnwal II
  • Gwaskolomm I map Duwnwal  Máel Choluim 
  • Ewen II Mail  Owain the Bald
  • Gwaskolomm II map Ewen  Máel Choluim