Counting to 29

Counting 1-10

Here are the numbers 1-10:

  1. oun
  2. dow
  3. tri
  4. pedwar
  5. pimp
  6. hwech
  7. seyth
  8. ooth
  9. naw
  10. dek

Numbers can be followed by nouns. Unlike in English, the number is usually followed by the singular form of the noun., e.g.

  • oun gur one man
  • seyth ti seven houses
  • dek cath ten cats

The only exception to this rule is nouns with the singulative ending -inn (for masculine nouns) or -enn (for feminine ones). These nouns drop the ending after all numbers except oun one.

  • oun smaradinn one emerald
  • pedwar smarat four emeralds
  • ooth mes eight acorns

The numbers 1-4 have two different forms: one used with masculine nouns and one used with feminine nouns. Note how they affect the first consonant of the following noun.

MASCULINE (with ci) FEMININE (with cath)
1. oun ci one dog
2. dow gi two dogs
3. tri chi three dogs
4. pedwar ci four dogs
1. oun gath one cat
2. duw gath two cats
3. teyr chath three cats
4. peder cath four cats

The numbers seyth seven, naw nine and dek ten also cause nasalisation, e.g.

  • seyth nin seven people
  • naw mloat nine flowers
  • dek ngavur ten goats

Counting 11-29

The numbers 11-20 are:

11. oun ar dhek
12. dowdhek
13. tri/teyr ar dhek
14. pedwar/peder ar dhek
15. pimthek
16. oun ar bimthek
17. dow/duw ar bimthek
18. tri/teyr ar bimthek
19. pedwar/peder ar bimthek
20. ougent

When used with nouns, the compound numerals (i.e. those with ar in the middle) place the noun after the first word and the noun abides by all the same rules as if it were following the numbers 1-4 normally. E.g.

  • teyr gwrek ar dhek thirteen wives
  • oun blodinn ar dhek eleven flowers (note -inn remains after oun!)
  • pedwar ci ar dhek fourteen dogs

Nouns follow dowdhek, pimthek and ougent directly. Dowdhek causes nasalisation to the following noun.

  • dowdhek mloat twelve flowers
  • pimthek cath fifteen cats
  • ougent din twenty people

The numbers 21-29 work in a similar way:

21. oun ar hougent
22. dow/duw ar hougent
23. tri/teyr ar hougent
24. pedwar/peder ar hougent
25. pimp ar hougent
26. hwech ar hougent
27. seyth ar hougent
28. ooth ar hougent
29. naw ar hougent