Days & Months


The names of days of the week are derived from Latin:

  • Diw Loun  Monday
  • Diw Moarth  Tuesday
  • Diw Mercher  Wednesday 
  • Diw Yow  Thursday
  • Diw Gwener  Friday
  • Diw Sadurn  Saturday
  • Diw Soul  Sunday

In each case, Diw day may be replaced by other times, e.g. bore Loun  Monday morningoucher Mercher Wednesday eveningnos Sadurn Saturday night etc.


As with the days, many Cumbraek months are also borrowed from Latin:

  • Mis Yonor  January
  • Mis Hwevror  February
  • Mis Moarth  March
  • Mis Ebril  April
  • Mis Me  May
  • Mis Metthevin  June (lit. the month of midsummer)
  • Mis Gorfennav  July (lit. the month of the end of summer)
  • Mis Owst  August
  • Mis Medi  September (lit. the month of reaping)
  • Mis Hedrev  October (lit. the month of the bellowing of stags)
  • Mis Dou  November (lit. the dark month)
  • Mis Nodlik December (lit. the month of Christmas)

The word Calann can replace Mis to mean the first of…, e.g. Calann Me  the first of May, May DayCalann Dou  the first of November, All Saints DayCalann Yonor  the first of January, New Year’s Day.


The four seasons are more clearly defined in Cumbraek than in English, with the year beginning in Winter and the first day of each season being a festival:

  • Gaev  Winter (begins 1st November, Calann Gaev)
  • Gwiantoon  Spring (begins 1st February, Calann Gwiantoon)
  • Hav  Summer (begins 1st May, Calann Hav)
  • Centaev  Autumn (begins 1st August, Calann Centaev)


  • Er Calann  New Year’s Day
  • Nos Burns  Burns’ Night
  • Gool Balentin  Valentine’s Day
  • Didh Mammow  Mothers’ Day
  • Didh Cok  April Fools’ Day
  • Pask  Easter
  • Calann Me / Calann Hav  May Day, Beltane
  • Didh Tadow  Father’s Day
  • Penn Hav, Nos Yowann  Midsummer
  • Calann Owst / Calann Centaev  Lammas, Lughnasa
  • Nos Calann Gaev  Hallowe’en
  • Calann Gaev  All Saints’ Day, Samhain
  • Nos Tan  Bonfire Night
  • Didh Covyat  Remembrance Day
  • Gool Andruw  St Andrew’s Day
  • Bon Gaev  Midwinter
  • Nos Nodlik  Christmas Eve, Sowans Nicht
  • Nodlik  Christmas
  • Gool Stefan  Boxing Day
  • Nos er Calann  New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay