Counting from 30

The Tens

Here are the words for ‘tens’ from 30 up:

30. trigunt
40. dowgent
50. pimpunt (or hanterkant)
60. triwgent
70. seythunt
80. pedwargent
90. nawunt
100. cant

Note how the numbers alternate between those ending in -unt and those ending in -gent. The latter comes from ougent twenty, so dowgent forty is ‘two-twenty’, triwgent sixty is ‘three-twenty’ etc. This pattern continues beyond 100:

120. hwegent
140. seythgent
160. oothgent
180. nawgent

After 100, the other tens (110, 150 etc) are formed with dek a …, e.g.

110. dek a chant
130. dek a hwegent
150. dek a seythgent

Note that a causes spirantisation.

The Units

Numbers like 31 or 69 are formed in a similar way to the teens and twenties, but after 30 the units are joined to the tens by a and.

  • oun a thrigunt 31
  • naw a thriwgent 69

After 100 the numbers 1-19 are used before a + tens, e.g.

  • oun ar dhek a chant 111
  • dowdhek a chant 112
  • seyth a seythgent 147
  • dow ar bimthek a seythgent 157

In each case, the noun follows the first element:

  • naw nin a thriwgent 69 people
  • dowdhek ci a chant 112 dogs
  • duw gath ar bimthek a seythgent 157 cats

The Hundreds

There are specific words for the hundreds:

100. cant
200. dowgant
300. trichant
400. pedwarchant
500. pimkant
600. hwechant
700. seythkant
800. oothgant
900. nawkant
1,000. mil (causes lenition)
1,000,000. milyon

After 200 the units follow the normal rules for numbers 1-99, with units + tens + hundreds.

  • dow ar hougent a dowgant 222
  • seyth ti a fimpunt a nawkant 957 houses
  • tri orangutan Sumatra ar dhek a hwechant a pedwar mil ar dhek 14,613 Sumatran orangutans
  • seyth nin a fimpunt a seythkant, pimp mil a dowgent a fimkant, seyth milyon a thriwgent in er Diarnas Ounot 67,545,757 people in the United Kingdom

Large numbers like those above can also be expressed as a string of units. A plural noun may follow after o of, which causes lenition.

  • oun-pedwar, hwech-oun-tri o orangutanot Sumatra 14,613 Sumatran orangutans
  • hwech-seyth, pimp-pedwar-pimp, seyth-pimp-seyth o dhinyon 67,545,757 people