The Skies

The main features of our sky (oobur) are er howl the suner loyr the moon and er ser the stars (sg. serenn). That is, at least when the sky’s not covered with cummulow clouds.

The four quarters of the solar year are marked by the Cuhunnos Gwiantoon Vernal Equinox, Penn Hav Summer SolsticeCuhunnos Centaev Autumnal Equinox and Penn Gaev Winter Solstice (another word for solstice is addroät).

The phases of the moon are loyr dewooll new moon → loyr en lenwi waxing moon → loyr vaglok crescent moon → pedwaran loyr quarter moon → loyr loan full moon → loyr en treyet waning moon. Skojat er loyr is a lunar eclipse while skojat er howl is solar eclipse.

The Planet

solar system

And let’s not forget poor, demoted Pludon Pluto. 

Stars and Constellations

The name of some of the best known stars in Cumbraek are Serenn er Wirr The Pole Star or North Star and Serenn er Ci  Sirius, the Dog Star.

  • Er Erur  Aquila
  • Er Ci Moar  Canis Major
  • Er Ci Bechan  Canis Minor
  • Cassyopeya  Cassiopeia
  • Croos er Gogledh  Cygnus
  • Er Delin  Lyra
  • Er Hellur (Moar)  Orion
  • Er Arth  Ursa Major
  • Er Venn Voar  The Plough
  • Er Venn Vechan  Ursa Minor
  • Er Seyth Hwair  The Pleiades

Signs of the Zodiac