As in English, there are several different ways of expressing wants and needs in Cumbraek, each with a different force and level of politeness.

 I Would Like …

The politest way of expressing wants is to use to use the phrase da be geniv I would like (literally it would be good with me). This can be used as a way of expressing a general wish or an indirect way of asking for something. The object of desire is placed after be:

  • Da be diot geniv  I would like a drink
  • Da be ti moar geniv  I would like a large house
  • Da be hedh in er bit geniv  I would like world peace

Geniv can be changed to express a different subject, e.g. Da be diot gant Gadrin Catherine would like a drink. In informal speech, geniv can be dropped to simply express an opinion, e.g. Da be curvinn A beer would be good / I would like a beer.

The object of desire might be a verb noun, e.g. Da be munet du’r davarn geniv I would like to go to the pub. 

Another polite way of expressing wants is to use  Mi mennav I want, followed by a noun or a verb noun with lenition.

  • Mi mennav dhiot  I want a drink
  • Mi mennav di moar  I want a large house
  • Mi mennav vunet du’r davarn  I want to go to the pub 

Though less polite than da be geniv, using mi mennav is not as forceful or rude as I want can seem in English. This would be the usual way of expressing wants, either as an opinion or as a request.

I Want…

When we use want to mean ‘lack something important’, beyond simple desire, the phrase Ema eswet warnav amm I want (literally There is want on me), followed by the object of want with lenition.

  • Ema eswet warnav amm brit loar  I want a good meal
  • Ema eswet warnav amm garat  I want love

This kind of expression is not particularly common today.

Give Me!

One final way of requesting something you want is to use moys, which roughly translates as give me, and is followed by a noun.

  • Moys coas  Give me (some) cheese
  • Moys pint o guruv  Give me a pint of beer
  • Moys tamm  Give me a bite/taste

Though it sounds rather forceful, this can be an informal way of requesting something, if an offer has already been extended or is is assumed (such as in a shop or a pub or restaurant). Adding os ach bodh please will always help soften the request.