The Old North

The Old North (Welsh: Yr Hen Ogledd) is a term used in Wales to refer to Cumbry and other parts of northern England and southern Scotland which formed the setting for some of Wales’ oldest literature and folklore. As an affectionate and somewhat romantic term it has been borrowed into Cumbraek as Er Hen Wogledh.




Er Cailing  The Coeling

  • Cail Hen Godebok  Coel Hen Godebog
  • Gurrust Ledlumm  Gwrwst Lledlwm
  • Ourven Reget  Urien Rheged
  • Ewen vap Ourven  Owain ab Urien
  • Paskent vap Ourven  Pasgen ab Urien
  • Roun vap Ourven  Rhun ab Urien
  • Gwallok vap Leenok  Gwallog ap Lleenog
  • Morgant Bulch  Morgant Bulc
  • Pabo Post Breden  Pabo Post Prydain
  • Dounot vap Pabo  Dunod ap Pabo
  • Sawool Pennouchel or Pennissel  Sawyl Penuchel/Penisel
  • Predour a Gurgi  Peredur and Gwrgi

Er Cunoodyon  The Cynwydion

  • Cunoot vap Cerdik Gwledik  Cynwyd ap Ceredig Wledig
  • Duwnwal Hen  Dyfnwal Hen
  • Cludno Edin  Clydno Eidin
  • Cunon vap Cludno  Cynon ap Clydno
  • Toudwal Toudglit  Tudwal Tutglyd
  • Redherch Hael  Rhydderch Hael


  • Gwendholow vap Cedyaw  Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio
  • Lallogan, Lallok  Lailoken
  • Cundiarn (Munku)  Kentigern (Mungo)
  • Flammdhoon  Fflamddwyn
  • Aneyrin  Aneirin
  • Talyessin  Taliesin