Kings and Queens: England

Royal Arms of England.svg

Looth Normandy – House of Normandy (AD 1066-1135)

  • Gwilom I (Gett) William I 
  • Gwilom II map Gwilom  William II
  • Hary I map Gwilom  Henry I

Looth Blois – House of Blois (AD 1135-1154)

  • Stefan  Stephen

Looth Banadhlenn – House of Plantagenet (AD 1154-1399)

  • Hary I (Peysverr )  Henry II
  • Retsarht I map Hary (Calonn Lew) Richard I
  • Yowann map Hary  John
  • Hary map Yowann  Henry III
  • Edwarht I map Hary (Anreythidh)  Edward I
  • Edwarht II map Edwarht  Edward II
  • Edwarht III map Edwarht   Edward III
  • Retsarht II map Edwarht  Richard II

Looth Cayr-Loun – House of Lancaster (AD 1399-1461/71)

  • Hary IV Cayr-Loun  Henry IV
  • Hary V map Hary  Henry V
  • Hary VI map Hary  Henry VI

Looth Evrok – House of York (AD 1461/71-1485)

  • Edwarht IV Evrok  Edward IV
  • Edwarht V map Edwarht  Edward V
  • Retsarht III Evrok  Richard III

Looth Toudir – House of Tudor (AD 1485-1603)

  • Hary VII Toudir  Henry VII
  • Hary VIII map Hary  Henry VIII
  • Edwarht VI ap Hary  Edward VI
  • Mer I verch Hary  Mary I
  • Elisbet I verch Hary  Elizabeth I

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