The usual Cumbraek word for family is teylou, which means ‘household’ and so usually refers to immediate family and, in the past, the dependants of a noble or royal house. Another word, stlunnedh is used specifically to mean the people you are related to.

Words for immediate family are:

  • Tat  Father
  • Mamm  Mother
  • Gur  Husband
  • Gwrek  Wife
  • Broadur  Brother
  • Hwair  Sister
  • Map  Son
  • Merch  Daughter 
  • Tet / Hendat  Grandfather
  • Nen / Henvamm Grandmother
  • Oyr  Grandchild
  • Ewidir  Uncle
  • Modrep  Aunt
  • Ne  Nephew
  • Nith  Niece
  • Cenderiw  Cousin (male)
  • Cuvnitheriw  Cousin (female)

Step-relatives are denoted with the prefix lis- 

  • Listat  Stepfather
  • Lisvamm  Stepmother 
  • Lisvroadur  Stepbrother
  • Lishwair  Stepsister
  • Lisvap  Stepson
  • Lisverch  Stepdaughter

The process of fostering a child with another family was once common in The Old North and because of this, there are specific terms for foster relatives.

  • Alhtrow  Foster father
  • Elhtrewin  Foster mother
  • Cummaythur  Foster brother
  • Cummaythes  Foster sister
  • Mab-mayth  Foster son
  • Merch-vayth  Foster sister